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Music is a language, it is a communication and it is an art.

For us, being able to speak a common language through music and the emotions it arouses in us is a way to integrate, socialize and dialogue.


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YEAR 2023

saturday 19 August 2023

Cello and More

This is Derya Davulcu, classical cellist and jazz double bass player. An all-round artist who has long been present on the international scene. By now he boasts countless presences both in classical orchestras and at international jazz festivals, a constant presence at that of Istanbul in Turkey, his native homeland. In recent years she has collaborated with Almar’à, the orchestra of Arab and Mediterranean women and the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio.


Napinza & Natenaja

They are Giustino Mari and Roberto Mancinella. The passion for the traditions expressed in popular music has always distinguished these two artists. A cross-section of Italy in Black and White whose nostalgia is felt, and through it, creates moments of sociality. The duo made their debut in 2018 with a show on Christmas in Rome together with the stable company of the Sala Raffaello. Their latest event saw them engaged in “A Spasso nella Memoria” organized by the culture department of the municipality of Rome, where their Roman song was the setting for interesting journeys of rediscovery of the territory and traditions.

Irene Tempestini

Guitarist and singer, during the years of training in the conservatory his need for a singer arose as well as playing and he became passionate about the Brazilian genre. Together with some of his colleagues he founded LINDEZZA, a Latin music group with which he performed regularly.

Francesco Del Fra

graduated in piano at the “L. Refice” in Frosinone. In 2000 he founded the Ensemble Dodekachordon with which he regularly holds concerts and shows of both sacred and secular music. Together with the clarinetist Vincenzo Isaia, he founded the “Duo Résonance”, winning prizes in numerous national and international competitions. He takes care of the staging of “Tosca”, “Madama Butterfly”, “Un ballo in maschera” and other titles produced by the Dodekachordon cultural association. He is the creator of innovative and experimental projects such as “Cavalleria metropolitana”, a theatrical and musical reworking of “Cavalleria rusticana” by Verga-Mascagni. He is a founding member of the Consorzio Liberi Musicisti, a working group that unites performers and composers with whom he performs as a chamber pianist in contemporary music festivals such as “Il international construction site of the arts” in Montepulciano or “Contrasti” in Trento. He is a frequent guest of the season of the “Camera Musical Romana” and of “Luminaria” in Rome.

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