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Wine Approach Course

The wine approaching course allows you to make contact with the vast world of wine by taking a first step in the development of a passion that generally becomes engaging. With conviviality and lightness you will get in touch with some of the basic things to know about how wine is produced, how to approach a tasting, how to serve wine at the table and rudiments of how to pair it.




the course will teach participants to make pasta by hand, just like the housewives of the past, armed with simple and genuine ingredients, a rolling pin and a leveler, and a lot of creativity. At the end of the activity, the participants will taste the fruit of their sweat!


All our visits are carried out with a certified tour leader



Chestnuts and Chestnuts

In about 3 hours we will take you to the chestnut groves near the relais, together with you we will collect chestnuts that will remain with you and then bring you back to the relais.


summertime - Minimum 2 Peop.

Discovering the village of Scanno

A village of less than 2000 souls where the streets intersect, the balconies are always in flower and the grandmothers still wear the typical heavy skirts of fabric: it is Scanno, one of the most important localities of the Abruzzo mountain, inserted in the second reserve oldest natural in Italy.


summertime - Minimum 2 Peop.

Rocca Calascio and Santo Stefano di Sessanio

Rocca Calascio, one of the most beautiful and photographed castles in Italy, was founded around the year 1000 and enriched in the 16th century with four cylindrical towers. Santo Stefano di Sessanio is part of the Club of the most beautiful villages in Italy and is in fact among the most evocative of the Park, due to the harmony of the architectural elements: a cameo set among the mountains, next to the Campo Imperatore plateau.


summertime - Minimum 2 Peop.

Lunch at the Trabocchi

Along the southern stretch of the Abruzzo coast, between Ortona and Vasto, the famous and celebrated "trabocchi" rise as sentinels on the sea, compared by Gabriele D'Annunzio to "colossal spiders" and described in the tragedy "The Triumph of Death" as "machines that seemed to have a life of their own ".


summertime - Minimum 2 Peop.

Archaeological area of Alba Fucens

After bloody battles and the increasingly evident affirmation of Roman power, the Aequi were defeated and massacred. So around 303 B.C. Alba Fucens, under the consulship of Lucio Genucio and Servio Cornelio, was transformed into one of the most important Latin colonies. Following the phenomenon of feudal fortification, in the 9th century. we find the built-up area concentrated on the acropolis where the medieval village will form around the castle.




Transport Service

If you need, we provide transport service to / from Tagliacozzo. For longer journeys contact us.


Derya - Tour leader and musician. MARIO - Professional sommelier and gastronomy expert. Grandma Laila - Mastra pasta maker. Tatiana - Traditional cook

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