Poy Art Project_2024


In line with our associative principles we present the PoyArt project which we hope will represent the initial spark of the Art Movement in Poggetello

The project was born several years ago through a dialogue between some of the association’s members. The aim is to remodel the places of the small village through a dialogue between art, history and tradition. The urban space that becomes a place to express oneself, artistically and socially. A rebirth of our Abruzzo village where art becomes an open-air museum and places spaces for socialization and memory.


  • Interventions Installations

Every year a visual arts curator selects different artists who, with their different expressive means, intervene in the streets and squares of the village.

  • Literary interventions

Every year a literary curator selects several authors who exhibit and present their works during the days of the event.

  • Musical interventions

Every year a music curator selects several artists who perform during the evenings of the event.

  • Food and wine meetings

Every year, in conjunction with the artistic events, we promote local gastronomy and wine testing sections of wineries in our region.



artistic director and curator of visual arts interventions

Artistic interventions

An all-round artist, he was born in Rome in 1971. After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he graduated from “La Sapienza” University in Psychology and subsequently obtained a PhD.

The logic that governs his figures is a progression to successive effects of seduction: in his photographic works the materiality becomes tactile, in his sculptures each material echoes its intimate beauty, uniqueness and presence. A reference to instinctuality, to cultivating that internal universe and harmonizing it with the context without prevarication, where the work represents a solipsism that draws its origins from a collective conscience.

The artists

Friday 23 August 2024

Serena Ciccone

Born in L’Aquila in 1985 and raised in Calascio, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of L’Aquila in Painting, with a thesis on Art, Science and Spirituality, and is attending the two-year course in Painting in Rome. In 2019 he founded the YAW Association with his colleague Riccardo Rufini, an experimental laboratory of artistic residencies and collaborations with other disciplines. He currently lives and works in Bracciano, in the province of Rome.
His research is constantly evolving and arises from the need to find meaning in what appears ephemeral and transitory. He works in relation to spaces and figures where the voids draw attention to other dimensions and realities and for this reason the works always remain open to new potential interventions, even if only mental and not necessarily real.

… the void is a manifestation of energy, and therefore can be fruitful.

Antonella Rizzo

Curator of literary interventions and an artist of the project

Literary interventions

Born in Rome, she is a poet, writer, journalist, performer. He has published: Salome’s sleep, Edizioni Tracce, 2012; Confessions of a young heretic – Lepisma Edizioni, 2013; Cleopatra. Divina Donna d’Inferno, Fusibilia libri, 2014; Iratae, pièce teatrale with Maria Carla Trapani, Fusibilia libri, 2015; Plethora, Nuove Edizioni Aldine, 2016; Lettera di Ipazia a Teone – Fusibilia Libri, 2017; A dimora le rose, Edizioni Croce 2018; A tutti quelli che non sanno che esiste il vortice, Lavinia Dickinson, 2019; Il fazzoletto di stoffa, Kinètes edizioni, 2021; Romanesque , Escamontage edizioni, 2022. It has been translated into Albanian, Arabic, English, Polish; her texts are present in many anthologies of contemporary poetry. She organizes national and international cultural events, short films, theatrical pieces, in collaboration with visual artists and musicians. She is the creator and manager of the literary prize Antica Pyrgos.

The artists

Sunday 18 August 2024

Poets in Dialogue Saverio Bafaro & Antonella Rizzo on Poetry and Nature

Antonella Rizzo curator of literary interventions.

Saverio Bafaro born in Cosenza in 1982. Poet, psychologist, psychotherapist and literary critic. He was editor of «Capoverso. Magazine of poetic writings »for which he edited the monographic issue Omaggio a Pavese (Orizzonti Meridionali, 2019). He directs «Metaphorica. Semesterial of Poetry” (Efesto Editions). He has published: Poems to the mother (Rubbettino, 2007), Eros chorale (e-book on the website www.larecherche.it, 2011), Poems of terror (La Vita Felice, 2014), Carte di Carne (Freemocco, 2023), Osicran or of the Antinarciso (Il Convivio, 2024). He edited Carlo Cipparrone’s posthumous anthology Crocevia del futuro (L’arcolaio, 2021), the translation of Stickeen Story of a dog by John Muir (La Vita Felice, 2022) and Signs and Coincidences – Catalog of the exhibition by Mauro Magni and Giulia Napoleone with his poetic texts (Efesto, 2024).

Friday 23 August 2024

Rossella Seller

Poet, psychiatrist and ASL manager involved in medical training. Among his poetic themes we find on the one hand stories of patients also developed through poetic narrative workshops; on the other, man’s relationship with nature and the protection of environmental balance. With his texts he participates in national events bridging medicine and art, his poems are present in literary magazines, in theatrical and musical performances, receiving various artistic awards.

curated by the artistic director Mario Gualandri

Musical interventions


The artists

Friday 16 AUGUST 2024

Eleonora Croce

Soprano from 2001. Although very young, she has already gained excellent experience in the world of opera, obtaining great satisfaction.

He studied with Maestros Chiara Chialli, Alessandro Luciano and currently studies with Maestro Annunziata Forte at the S. Cecilia Conservatory in Rome.

She has received important recognitions including the Enrico Caruso Prize for opera, the Special Awards “Donna d’autore” and the San Michelino di Aprilia Prize as a promising young artistic artist.

He has concerts to his credit throughout Italy and has participated in institutional and benefit events as a musical guest. He sang in an ensemble with Mauro Tedesco (cello) and Marco D’Ottavio (piano) in the recital “Sehnsucht”, a journey through the different souls of European Romanticism.

Friday 16 AUGUST 2024

Francesco Del Fra​

graduated in piano at the “L. Refice” in Frosinone. In 2000 he founded the Ensemble Dodekachordon with which he regularly holds concerts and shows of both sacred and secular music. Together with the clarinetist Vincenzo Isaia, he founded the “Duo Résonance”, winning prizes in numerous national and international competitions. He takes care of the staging of “Tosca”, “Madama Butterfly”, “Un ballo in maschera” and other titles produced by the Dodekachordon cultural association. He is the creator of innovative and experimental projects such as “Cavalleria metropolitana”, a theatrical and musical reworking of “Cavalleria rusticana” by Verga-Mascagni. He is a founding member of the Consorzio Liberi Musicisti, a working group that unites performers and composers with whom he performs as a chamber pianist in contemporary music festivals such as “Il international construction site of the arts” in Montepulciano or “Contrasti” in Trento. He is a frequent guest of the season of the “Camera Musical Romana” and of “Luminaria” in Rome.


Napinza & Natenaja

They are Giustino Mari and Roberto Mancinella. The passion for the traditions expressed in popular music has always distinguished these two artists. A cross-section of Italy in Black and White whose nostalgia is felt, and through it, creates moments of sociality. The duo made their debut in 2018 with a show on Christmas in Rome together with the stable company of the Sala Raffaello. Their latest event saw them engaged in “A Spasso nella Memoria” organized by the culture department of the municipality of Rome,   their Roman song was the setting for interesting paths of rediscovery of the territory and traditions


Valeria Vincenzi

Young Roman singer, involved in social work, after studying singing and piano she began her singing career preferring pop, Italian and international pop music. National finalist of “Tour Music Fest” and of the “World Song Talent” competition. Winner of the “Festival Roma Capitale” and the “Note sul Mare” competition.

Taken care of by the restaurant


Food and wine meetings

The gastronomic meetings and wine testing will be held in the garden of the Borgofiasca restaurant






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