Poy Art Project


In line with our associative principles we present the PoyArt project which we hope will represent the initial spark of the Art Movement in Poggetello

The project was born through a dialogue between the association, some of its members and Antonio in art Ferro, currently the project’s artistic director. The aim is to remodel the places of the small village through a dialogue between art, history and tradition. The urban space that becomes a place to express oneself, an open-air art gallery where the works do not remain confined to an enclosed space intended for an elite public but reach all citizens, guiding them on a completely new artistic path in which the street becomes a museum. A rebirth of the Abruzzo village where art becomes an open-air museum.


  • street art participation

Curated by Carmine Foschino aka KORVO, who deserves the credit and the burden of selecting the artists who will take part.

  • “Ovens” interventions

Curated by Salvatore Troiano aka SASI, who is credited with the idea of ​​”artistic bricks” with which to start a permanent installation to be fed over time. Various artists will take turns in the production of artistic bricks, resuming the ancient production of roof tiles, bricks and terracotta tiles which took place in the kilns of the small village.

  • Interventions Installations

Supervised directly by the artistic director Antonio, various artists with their different means of expression will intervene in the streets and squares of the village.

  • Musical interventions

Curated by the president of the Mario association, several artists will perform during the evenings of the event.

  • Literary interventions

Curated by the president of the Mario association, several authors will present their books.


A Project Artist

Artistic director of the project

He is credited with bringing the minds together to begin the process.

Antonio Lavorgna aka FERRO. Born in 1976, sculptor, abstract painter, inventor of Color Acids (colors generated by metal oxides) now digital artist. Author of the NFT collection “The Rage of the Bees” which spreads the message let’s open our eyes and no more pesticides.

Antonio Lavorgna

A Project Artist

Coordinator of the street art interventions of the project

Carmine Foschino aka KORVO. Born in 1980 in Benevento, now in Milan, an all-round artist. Known in the Hip Hop culture, he now stands out on the international scene mainly as a writer.

Carmine Foschino

A Project Artist

Coordinator of the interventions "Ovens"

Salvatore Troiano aka SASI’. Born in Naples in 1977, after studying art, he decided to learn the Neapolitan eighteenth-century terracotta working by attending historic art workshops. Born in Naples in 1977, after his art studies, he decided to learn how to work Neapolitan eighteenth-century terracotta by attending historic art workshops. An artist with a thousand facets, a talented sculptor, today he runs his workshop in Telese Terme (BN).

Salvatore Troiano

Irene Macalli

Campana born in 1999, an artist in continuous movement present in numerous exhibitions. With geopolitics at the center of his themes, he conceives art as a means of information and denunciation.

Ottavio Coppola

Born in 1980, a well-known Samnite ceramist, he loves to overturn the rules of traditional ceramics to bring it into the contemporary world. He currently directs his workshop in San Lorenzello (BN).

Massimo Francalanci

Born in Florence in 1973, the fulcrum of his research is the transposition of brutalist and metabolist elements. His Visionary Metabolist line of thought accompanies his artistic production which sees over 2000 large-format two-dimensional works created as of September 2022. To date, the Visions and three-dimensional works are accompanied by photography of Futurist derivation and the opening of a new line of thought resulting from the fusion of Visionary Metabolist and Ultramodernist elements. This new line of thought takes the name of Ultravisionarista and represents the basis of the next achievements.

Nicoló Guarraci

Born in Cremona in 1979, he grew up in Caorso (PC), a small town in the Po valley. Influenced by music, photography and film, he has thrived in alternative art communities that develop outside the gallery and museum system. He is currently carrying out an artistic residence in Fontecchio, a municipality in the province of L’Aquila in Abruzzo, in the “LA KAP” movement.

Merima & Cristian

She Merima Fetahovic born in Serbia in 1979 after studying at the academy and various awards comes to Italy and starts working with marble. With more than 60 exhibitions in Europe and the East, a member of SULUV since 2005, he currently lives and works in Rome.

Him Cristian Vigliarolo born in Rome in 1974, he began his sculptural journey alongside prof. Mario Mele. In 2002 he founded a sculpture atelier with particular attention to stone and marble. In 2003 he founded the cultural association “M’arte” with various exhibitions and performances. In 2004 he created the monumental work entitled M’egattere for the municipality of Frascati.

Angelica Tulimiero

Born in Avellino in 1976, after graduating from Morley College in London she worked at the Stoltzman and Thomas laboratory in London. After various experiences in London, he moved to Naples to open his studio in Pozzuoli in 2005. He currently lives and works in Bozzolo in the province of Mantua. He has participated in various competitions, group and personal exhibitions, in Italy and abroad. The innate attraction for the language of nature has always guided his creative research, observing the surfaces and structures of nature, he discovers the language, which unites all forms of nature, projecting into this world of fractals and following its instructions gives shape and interprets the sensation of movement they create.

Drop Out

Duo composed by Tony Barile and Fabio Del Vecchio, both composers of Pop Rock music Progressive. Project born in 2006. Constantly evolving they have ventured, over time also in the composition of classical music, setting to music the story of Bluebeard in 2018, narrated to Norman Mozzato. In 2020 Francesco Mastrobuoni, sound engineer and technician of the sound that takes care of all the production in the room. Very reserved, they stay away from social networks, withdrawing in their ever-changing world.

Claudia Fabi

In art “Artemisia” born in Rome, she spent her formative years between Umbria and Campania then moved to Belgium where she approached new forms and techniques of art. Now in Milan where he lives and works. Baroque soul, painter by passion and aspiring mangaka.

Massimo Camplone

Massimo Camplone aka Névoanarua, former editor of artxworld (2003-2007, portal on art events registered multilingual magazine). In 2014 he started a production with drypoint and etching. Since 2018 he has been making sculptures in ceramics in Portugal, informally at the Faculdade de Belas Artes, in Rome and L’Aquila. Since 2022 he has been enrolled in the 1st degree course in Sculpture at the Academy of
Belle Arti of L’Aquila. He has active collaborations in the productions of other artists, solo and group exhibitions with the use of multiple techniques and materials.

Basilio Lamberti

An artist who stays outside the box. He is dedicated to the research and moderation of clay in Italy and abroad.

Angela Tammaro

Born in Campania in 1997, she was born and trained in Cerreto Sannita, after her artistic studies at the Naples Academy of Fine Arts in visual arts, she carried on her artistic project of art therapy, painting and portraitist.

Pietro Vanessi

They wrote about him:
“Words in Vitriol / Penne in the Wind / Penis and Vagina / Colorful Feathers / Semi-colon / Poisonous Relatives / Valid Parentheses / Vivific Palingenesis / Pure Vulgarity / Pasta with Clams / Valid Itches / Thoughtful Tissues / Old Pastrocchio … you choose the best definition for PV, more simply: Pietro Vanessi.”
Claudio Bisio (actor, presenter).
“Pietro Vanessi has taken note of how satire is inevitably and ferociously outclassed by joyful reality. We’ll hear more from him.”
Milo Manara (Cartoonist).

Massimo Iadarola

He was born in 1975 in Benevento. Inspired by provincial life and thanks to numerous international trips and stays, he divides his time between various work experiences, cultivating and practicing everything that puts him in contact with sport, art and the truest nature (free climbing, canyoning, ski mountaineering). as well as painting, pottery and graphics. Always traveling and looking for inspiration and news, he participates and exhibits his self-taught world in Italy.

Serena Intilia

Born in Rome, after graduating from an artistic high school, she obtained a degree in literature with a specialization in the History of Contemporary Art, specializing over time in various artistic disciplines such as goldsmithing, pictorial and decoration techniques, illustration for publishing for childhood and attended painting courses and the summer school in Sarmede (with Svjetlan Junakovic), Macerata (with Javier Zabalà), Rome (with Gek Tessaro), in Leon, Spain (with Javier Zabalà and Pablo Amargo). It carries out creative workshops, illustration courses and meetings with the author in libraries, museums, schools and on the occasion of temporary exhibitions, for children and adults.

In 2013 and 2014 he taught as a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Frosinone, Illustration 3 course. She currently works as a tour guide, art historian and art education expert.

Luisa Gavazza

Born in Felizzano (AL) she now resides in Turin. Cultivate many interests and activities including writing, drawing, painting, reading, dancing. In poetry he has published the collections of poems “Slow down”, “Thoughts in listening”, “Crisalis” and “Ali, participating in numerous other initiatives of depth and culture.
Some of his poems have been published in anthologies and collections of various publishers and in the column “La Bottega della Poesia” edited by Gian Luca Favetto in “La Repubblica”. In the project she will compose a poem about Borgo Poggetello which will become part of an installation dedicated to her.

Pia Di Berardino

Born in Santo Stefano di Sante Marie (AQ) in 1959 as a nursery school teacher, one of her great passions is poetic composition. Lover of her native country, she tries to revive cultural traditions and emotional experiences of her childhood and adolescence through writing. Winner of several literary awards, she shares this great passion of hers with her social commitment, as facilitator of the family ecology group of the Regional Association of Territorial Alcoholic Clubs.

Ivano Azzellino

Born in Rome in 1975 where he lives, with a degree in Communication Sciences, he is a radiotelephone speaker. Passionate about history, he created a work that tells the story of three protagonists of Italian communism of the last century, “Gramsci, Togliatti, Berlinguer”. During the project he will present his book which portrays these three figures through the narratives made by the Arts, from Cinema to Literature.

Andrea Carvelli

Born in Rome in 1974, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, he is a teacher of art and image, painter, playwright and poet. He collaborates with the CK Teatro del Teatro dell’Orologio company in Rome with which he has created the shows as an author Being Hamlet e Superstar. Creator, author and set designer of Pinocchieide e Woyzeck Machine. 116 / 5.000 Risultati della traduzione Risultato di traduzione Author of several poems featured in specialized literary magazines collected in a collective volume published by the magazine Orizzonti.

saturday 19 August 2023

Cello and More

This is Derya Davulcu, classical cellist and jazz double bass player. An all-round artist who has long been present on the international scene. By now he boasts countless presences both in classical orchestras and at international jazz festivals, a constant presence at that of Istanbul in Turkey, his native homeland. In recent years she has collaborated with Almar’à, the orchestra of Arab and Mediterranean women and the Orchestra of Piazza Vittorio.


Napinza & Natenaja

They are Giustino Mari and Roberto Mancinella. The passion for the traditions expressed in popular music has always distinguished these two artists. A cross-section of Italy in Black and White whose nostalgia is felt, and through it, creates moments of sociality. The duo made their debut in 2018 with a show on Christmas in Rome together with the stable company of the Sala Raffaello. Their latest event saw them engaged in “A Spasso nella Memoria” organized by the culture department of the municipality of Rome, where their Roman song was the setting for interesting journeys of rediscovery of the territory and traditions.

Irene Tempestini

Guitarist and singer, during the years of training in the conservatory his need for a singer arose as well as playing and he became passionate about the Brazilian genre. Together with some of his colleagues he founded LINDEZZA, a Latin music group with which he performed regularly.

Francesco Del Fra

graduated in piano at the “L. Refice” in Frosinone. In 2000 he founded the Ensemble Dodekachordon with which he regularly holds concerts and shows of both sacred and secular music. Together with the clarinetist Vincenzo Isaia, he founded the “Duo Résonance”, winning prizes in numerous national and international competitions. He takes care of the staging of “Tosca”, “Madama Butterfly”, “Un ballo in maschera” and other titles produced by the Dodekachordon cultural association. He is the creator of innovative and experimental projects such as “Cavalleria metropolitana”, a theatrical and musical reworking of “Cavalleria rusticana” by Verga-Mascagni. He is a founding member of the Consorzio Liberi Musicisti, a working group that unites performers and composers with whom he performs as a chamber pianist in contemporary music festivals such as “Il international construction site of the arts” in Montepulciano or “Contrasti” in Trento. He is a frequent guest of the season of the “Camera Musical Romana” and of “Luminaria” in Rome.

Poy Art 2023 program

We are waiting for you!

Saturday 5 August
10:00 Inauguration of the Sentiero delle Fornaci – departure from the Municipality of Sante Marie
18.00Artistic group show by Massimo Francalanci Antonio Lavorgna and Mario Gualandri – in the halls of the Municipality of Sante Marie
Monday 14 August

19.45 Organ concert by Francesco Del Fra and voices by Valentina Leonetti and Marco Alò – at the church of Sante Marie delle Grazie

20.30 Social dinner – in the square of Poggetello

Friday 18 August

21.00Concert by “Na Pinza e Na Tenaja” and meeting with the artists – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association

Saturday 19 August

09:00 Furnace construction organization by Salvatore Troiano – in the Ara Mariola, the presence of children and adults willing to learn and collaborate is very welcome

10:00 Beginning of installation by Irene Macalli – devoted to depopulation – in Piazza di Poggetello

10.00 Start of installation Ottavio Coppola – dedicated to village chatter, title “Uocc Apert” in – Macera di Poggetello

11:00Start of the Drop Out projection “Bluebeard’s Tale” narrated by Norman Mozzato and animated with drawings by Enza Cotugno – more projections throughout the day, lasting 20 minutes

11.00 Workshop for children on illustrations by Serena Intilia – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association

15:00 Artistic brick construction – Artists present Salvatore Troiano, Basilio Lamberti, Ottavio Coppola, Angelica Tulimiero and Massimo Iadarola plus Korvo brick

16:00 Ceramic workshops, for children and adults – by Angela Tammaro and Claudia Fabi at the oven in the Ara Mariola

19:00NFT intervention “People have the Power”, by Pietro Vanessi – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association

21:30 the works are taken out of the oven to enjoy their incandescence – in the Ara Mariola

Sunday 20 August
10:00Permanent installation of the artistic bricks – in various places of Poggetello
17.00Presentation of the book by Pia Di Berardino – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
Friday 25th August
17.00 presentation of the book by Andrea Carvelli – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
21.00 concert by Irene Tempestini and meeting with the artists – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
Saturday 26 August
10:00Totem installation with Poetry on Poggetello by Luisa Gavazza and path of 20 poems – in the places of Poggetello
10:00 Beginning of NÈVOANARUA installation dedicated to Virgilia D’Andrea – in Via dell’Aia
10:00 Beginning of the “Genesis” installation by Merima Fetahovic and Cristian Vigliarolo dedicated to nature – in Via XXIV Maggio
10:00Beginning of the more extemporaneous exhibition of Nicoló Guarraci on canvas – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
11:00Beginning of Antonio Lavorgna’s installation dedicated to artificial intelligence and aliens – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
21.00 concert by Derya Davulcu – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
Sunday 27 August
17.00 Presentation of the book by Ivano Azzelino – in the gardens of the Borgo Poggetello Association
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