Poy Art Project


The POY ART Project will take place during the weekends of August 2023.

Every weekend different artists will intervene with figurative, musical and literary arts, everyone will be able to witness the formation of the various artistic expressions.


In line with our associative principles we present the Poy Art Project which we hope will represent the initial spark of the Art Movement in Poggetello

The project was born through a dialogue between the association, some of its members and Antonio in art Ferro, currently the project’s artistic director. The aim is to reshape places, through a dialogue between art, history and tradition, where the urban space of the small Abruzzo village becomes a place where one can express oneself freely, an art gallery where the works are not confined to a public elite but reach more and more citizens, guiding them through a completely new artistic path in which the street becomes a museum. A rebirth of the Abruzzo village where art becomes part of our daily life. Process started several years ago by the president of our association Mario Gualandri aka FORME NUDE.
The same will be declined in three main areas:
  • Street art interventions
Curated by Carmine Foschino aka KORVO, who has the burden and honor of selecting the artists who will intervene on the places selected by the association together with our artistic director.
  • “Ovens” interventions
Curated by Salvatore Troiano aka SASI‘, to whom the idea of the ovens must be recognized, or rather the honor of having been able to reconcile tradition and art. In fact, the construction of ovens for the production of artistic bricks with which to build installations to be increased over the years by successive artists, thus resuming the ancient processing of the furnaces present in the village for the production of roof tiles, bricks and terracotta tiles.
  • Interventions Installation.
Supervised directly by our artistic director Antonio who will identify the artists who will intervene with their different means of expression in the streets and squares of the village.
  • Musical and Literary Interventions
Supervised directly by our president of the Mario association who will identify the artists who will intervene with their different means of expression in the streets and squares of the village.


A Project Artist

Artistic director of the project

He is credited with bringing the minds together to begin the process.

Antonio Lavorgna aka FERRO. Born in 1976, sculptor, abstract painter, inventor of Color Acids (colors generated by metal oxides) now digital artist. Author of the NFT collection “The Rage of the Bees” which spreads the message let’s open our eyes and no more pesticides.

Antonio Lavorgna

A Project Artist

Coordinator of the street art interventions of the project

Carmine Foschino aka KORVO. Born in 1980 in Benevento, now in Milan, an all-round artist. Known in the Hip Hop culture, he now stands out on the international scene mainly as writers.

Carmine Foschino

A Project Artist

Coordinator of the interventions "Ovens"

Salvatore Troiano aka SASI’. Born in Naples in 1977, after studying art, he decided to learn the Neapolitan eighteenth-century terracotta working by attending historic art workshops. Born in Naples in 1977, after his art studies, he decided to learn how to work Neapolitan eighteenth-century terracotta by attending historic art workshops. An artist with a thousand facets, a talented sculptor, today he runs his workshop in Telese Terme (BN).

Salvatore Troiano


Irene Macalli

Campana born in 1999, an artist in continuous movement present in numerous exhibitions. With geopolitics at the center of his themes, he conceives art as a means of information and denunciation.

Ottavio Coppola

Born in 1980, a well-known Samnite ceramist, he loves to overturn the rules of traditional ceramics to bring it into the contemporary world. He currently directs his workshop in San Lorenzello (BN).

Luisa Gavazza

Born in Felizzano (AL) she now resides in Turin. Cultivate many interests and activities including writing, drawing, painting, reading, dancing. In poetry he has published the collections of poems "Slow down", "Thoughts in listening", "Crisalis" and "Ali, participating in numerous other initiatives of depth and culture. Some of his poems have been published in anthologies and collections of various publishers and in the column "La Bottega della Poesia" edited by Gian Luca Favetto in "La Repubblica". In the project she will compose a poem about Borgo Poggetello which will become part of an installation dedicated to her.

Andrea Calvelli

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